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Unlocking Creativity with Lockdown Film Festival

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We are all physically trapped these days, aren’t we? Still, there is one thing that perpetually remains free – OUR MIND. Given these trying times, when the lockdown has taken a toll on many and the world is moving at a sluggish pace like never before, creativity has gained a new dimension. People are coming up with fascinating ideas to kill time inside. From learning new skills to rejuvenating an old hobby, the lockdown has become a time to create than consume. It is intriguing to see how master chefs and artists have sprung up in every household as everyone…


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Musings of a female documentary field-director My documentary shooting assignments have taken me to some of the most interesting and interior regions in India. So, I usually flaunt myself as the rural India expert at Carrot. With topics ranging from Health, Sanitation, and Education – I have seen the nation through an unusual lens. A lens of Gender. Female field director’s experience- that’s what I have been assigned to write. The word “director” has always intrigued me. Words always have layers of meaning; to each of its own. So, a director is a person who is well aware and equipped…


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