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‘Keeping up with times’

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The key to staying relevant stems from the iconic irony! Change is the only constant! Yes, to be able to remain on top of things, to stay “in the business”, it is imperative to constantly evolve, to be dynamic, to re-orient, to revisit and finally to think out of the box.

Carrot started its journey in the era of bulky beta cams, transitioned to digibeta, DV cams, HD, 4K, 6K, 8K and the journey still continues. However, what excites us and keeps us ticking is this very change!

When we started out, the industry norm was hiring specialists for various jobs such as editing, graphics or shooting. While this is still relevant today, we at Carrot had a little different viewpoint. Specialists tend to be inflexible and rigid in their beliefs. We bet on people with a high aptitude for adaptability over being the best at their jobs. Yes, we did take a risk on being commercially less relevant in the short run, however, it was most certainly a better long term bet. Today with over 1400 films under our belt, we are Delhi’s largest film production house in the social and developmental sector.

Carrot’s showreel

The rule-book that typically guides film production companies is based on bottom lines, profits and money. We feel that too much is sacrificed by playing by the rules. We, at Carrot, believed in rewriting the rule book and betting on our own people. Readers familiar with the industry would know the role of a Director of Photography (DOP ). The DOP decides the framing of the shot and the lighting etc. We at Carrot decided to do away with the DOP! Yes, we gave 3 cameras to people we believed in and asked them all to take shots. Merit would decide whose footage got used in the films. This kept our camera persons on their toes, reading about new shooting techniques, new equipment, new styles and they were in a constant rush trying to outdo each other. A little competition is always healthy, it is complacency that leads to mediocrity.

Carrot team in action

The confidence, the pride and the happiness we see in the faces of our energetic team when we get an award for a film( Carrot has over 50 national and international recognition), reaffirms our belief that investing in our own people, reposing our faith in them has given us more dividends than we could have ever hoped for.

The never ending research for new cameras and gadgets by our team has led to us gathering over 12 cameras ( HD, 4K and 6K ) and 4 drones.

The passion to know more about something and the pursuit of knowledge, has always been more important to us than degrees. Here again, we have thrown the rule-book out of the window. Along with film school professionals we have a street child and our driver’s son rubbing shoulders with the rest of the team. Sheru and Joydeep, today, are an integral part of team Carrot and have a positive contribution to our success.

For organisations to stay relevant, an employee’s contribution to the company is certainly more important than which college he or she attended. For Sheru and Joydeep, Youtube is their college, watching tutorials, trying them out in office. Today, they can teach a thing or two to the college-bred professionals! This is the change that the internet has brought about and it has touched us as well.

Ably surviving the organic chaos of creating the “2 – minute quickies” and NOT running the”rat race” with the millennials , we can gratifyingly say for a fact, that our clients and stakeholders keep coming back to us for their media engagements, year after year. We believe that’s only because, we probably have been able to give them, what they need the most – quality as a “constant”.

And we think that is really what keeps us afloat, keeps us abreast, and keeps us motivated to be relevant, constantly. 

Young Carrot team




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  1. Sinchita

    Very motivating Sir 👍

    27th February 2020

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