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Month: March 2020

Amitava, Tagore & a Veg Meat Recipe

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I was making a documentary on Amitava, a transgender, about whom I had read about in some newspaper article. I tracked him down to his office in Zamroodpur Delhi.  Amitava was approximately five feet ten inches tall, wearing ethnic clothes, a kurta with parallels to be specific & carrying a cotton jhola bag. I found his face extremely charming. We found a comfortable corner sipping pheta hua coffee which the office peon served in colorful mugs. He spoke very gently and gave me a short history of his life. Amitava was born a man in a middle class Bengali family…


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“It can either be fake or news”, opined Rama Lakshmi, the Opinion Editor of The Print. Her statement brought an unequivocal reaction from the audience and even I couldn’t agree more that FAKE NEWS, when pronounced together, is indeed an oxymoron. Very often than not if the Fake News consists of casual opinions or sarcasm, entertainment-related media stories, then it poses no risk but when some high impact stories lead to panic, confusion and rumor, the real damage occurs. Sensationalism sells well and Fake News is nothing but a clear example of sensationalism, stemming out from an underlying motive to…


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Musings of a female documentary field-director My documentary shooting assignments have taken me to some of the most interesting and interior regions in India. So, I usually flaunt myself as the rural India expert at Carrot. With topics ranging from Health, Sanitation, and Education – I have seen the nation through an unusual lens. A lens of Gender. Female field director’s experience- that’s what I have been assigned to write. The word “director” has always intrigued me. Words always have layers of meaning; to each of its own. So, a director is a person who is well aware and equipped…


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