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Month: January 2020


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Editing documentaries When I was told to write my experiences related to documentary editing, honestly I was very excited, as I have never penned down my thoughts on my profession as a Video Editor. In fact, I never thought of doing so. Turning hours of footage into a well-polished film requires creative mind, hard work, complex judgement about what should make it to the final cut and a careful division of technical and creative working between director and editor. This is the most challenging part of my job. But, the most thrilling part as well. Let me introduce myself to…

‘Keeping up with times’

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The key to staying relevant stems from the iconic irony! Change is the only constant! Yes, to be able to remain on top of things, to stay “in the business”, it is imperative to constantly evolve, to be dynamic, to re-orient, to revisit and finally to think out of the box. Carrot started its journey in the era of bulky beta cams, transitioned to digibeta, DV cams, HD, 4K, 6K, 8K and the journey still continues. However, what excites us and keeps us ticking is this very change! When we started out, the industry norm was hiring specialists for various jobs such…


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Story of a street-child turned image-artist Old Delhi. Chandni Chowk. Tea Stall. By now, you probably have an image in your mind. But wait! Take a deep breath before you start stereotyping. The story here is different; this one is a story of courage, hope, determination, and of dreams – emanating out of the same space; this is about someone I work with now. He is Sheru; an unsung hero like many others out there, an uncommon commoner. When I first met Sheru in the Carrot Films office, he was like any other colleague, who I would greet every morning.…


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ANECDOTES ON RIGHT TO PEE- A LITTLE TOO HARD TO BELIEVE CAMPAIGN Mumbai sure is a city of dreams. From Vada pao, to Irani chai, to Cinema… everything here is dreamy. The sea link consumes you in its structural enormity and the magnificent sea, is a harbourer and a keeper of innumerable yearnings.   But what happens when dreams concede and the reality takes over? When one shifts from the skyscrapers towards desolation in the streets, there is a paradigm shift in the day to day mechanisms. The city’s metabolism flickers every few kilometres. When I went to Mumbai to…


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FIELD-NOTES FROM BASTAR Sometimes, you do not understand all the dimensions of a story unless you reach the place where the story resides. All the more so when you are travelling to the so-called Naxal heartlands of Chhattisgarh, chasing a story of Community Forest Rights. All along, the cab-driver incessantly regales you with seemingly innocent quips about how the ‘naxals’ recently abducted a foreign journalist and kept his camera as a keepsake, and how they have ‘training grounds’ which are out of bound to even the locals – and all that. Heck, you can’t even tell him that his exuberance…


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